Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Day

When I was a little girl, May Day was a big deal at my elementary school. We spent weeks preparing for the celebration. It was a big event, and all of the students' families were invited. I remember practicing the May pole dance over and over and over. I don't have many fond memories from grade school, but that was one. It wasn't so much the dance itself ... but moreso seeing the pole decorated once the dance was over. To me, that was the fun part.

Another thing we did was make May Day baskets. They were usually made of construction paper, so they weren't anything fancy. We'd fill them with flowers (probably weeds!) and placed them on doorknobs of nearby houses. I grew up in a pretty rural area, so there weren't a lot of homes around. And, as with everything else, my memory might be distorted (or gaslighted) as to how often we did this. Obviously, elementary school was only six years long, so it's not that it was a life-long habit. However, it still stands out in my memory as a pleasant experience.

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