Friday, June 10, 2016

Pop Culture Quest

This morning I got all my Little Golden Books off the shelf and placed them on the floor. I stacked them as high as I could without them toppling over. I wanted to get a picture for Mark Hamill's Pop Culture Quest, which I guess is being put on by ComicCon. You can watch Mark's video about it here. As most of you know, I collect a lot of things, and am also really into pop culture and nostalgia. One of the things I've avidly collected for years has been Little Golden Books. Above is the photograph I took, but I still want to take one of them all lying down on the floor face up ... somehow. I'm not sure how many I have, so I'd like to count them before I put them away. I also have a list of LGBs, so I'd like to check off the ones that I have. Most of these were bought used—some for as low as a dime—or given to me as gifts.

Mark Hamill is a very big collector too, so I'm really excited he's doing the Pop Culture Quest. It will be fun to see what other people collect. It got me thinking about all my collections. I have a bunch of things that could be categorized as a collection, but some are scattered through the house. Some things I do collect on besides the Little Golden Books are listed below. Some I actively collect; others not so much. In addition to the list, I also collect things that I had as a child. For example, I had a Mrs. Beasley doll when I was around four, but it's long gone now. My mother-in-law bought me a replica. I also found a Chrissy doll that I had as a kid. In my family room I have a shelf where I keep things I had when I was little. Anyway, the list ...

Children's Picture Books
Cat Figurines
Wind Chimes
Nightmare Before Christmas
PEZ Dispensers
The Wiggles
Garfield Books
National Park Spoons & Magnets
Tiger Figurines

Then there are my kids, especially Neil. He's a big collector too and sometimes I think he's taken the "Collect Them All!" thing way too seriously. It's like a law to him, or one of the Ten Commandments. They have huge collections of Star Wars toys, bird books, Hot Wheels cars, Mr. Potato Head toys, Vinylmation figures, GoGos Crazy Bones ... the list goes on and on and on and on! Nichelle collects Breyer horses, and her collection is pretty impressive. Nicole is a book collector, like me. Looking in my closet you'd think I collected clothes, shoes, purses, and nail polish. Those aren't really collections though ... I just have issues.

Do you collect anything?

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